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  • is true love just a word?
    or is it a deal?
    is it a business of bodies clashing like steel?

  • and I will not rest
    until I’ve found truth in this mess
    of snowflakes dancing ‘round my head

    Truth and other Rumors
  • in silent times we weep at night
    for all the words unsaid
    the best of us is not enough
    for prices to be paid

    Dining on Ashes
  • I am my own God
    and I hate it
    I am my own God
    it makes me so sick

    Built & Burnt
  • if you silence those who speak their minds
    you have become what you tried to fight



  • Michael Hehenberger

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Michael HehenbergerNick Name: Mike

    Best Known For


    Jürgen Hummer

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Jürgen HummerNick Name: Humski

    Best Known For

    Bass, Clean Vocals

    Lukas Eidenberger

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Lukas EidenbergerNick Name: Eidsch

    Best Known For


  • Patrick Bonten

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Patrick BontenNick Name: Bonti

    Best Known For

    Guitar, Clean Vocals

    Stefan Jakober

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Stefan JakoberNick Name: Jay

    Best Known For


    Simon Ortner

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Simon OrtnerNick Name: Orti

    Best Known For

    Songwriting, Producing


Emergency Broadcast EPEpiphanyTruth and other RumorsA Southern CryDining on AshesBuilt & BurntCopenhagen

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